Yogurt and Cheesmaking 

Making your own yogurt and cheese is easier than you might think. And, the health and financial benefits make it an easy choice. Learn how to make your own yogurt and cheese, save money and feed your family something delicious and nutritious.


  • For people who have always wanted to try but don’t know where to start.
  • Introductory courses.
  • Learn science behind what is happening


Discover the magic of fermentation. Experience hands on workshops exploring how to exploit the bacteria and fungus that permeate our lives and enhance our food.


Instructor Bio - 

Royce is an urban homesteader and farmer with experience growing, canning, brewing and fermenting whatever he can get his hands on. Master of Science in Biology Education and 12 years teaching in public schools. When Royce has some free time he enjoys backpacking, fly fishing and mountain biking throughout the Rocky Mountains.